July 14, 2024
An AI generated mage of a Zenless Zone Zero Voice Actors behind a microphone

Have you got a favorite character already in Zenless Zone Zero? Maybe their voice sounds ever so familiar but you can’t place it. Many voice actors in the games industry have worked on hundreds of games – it’s just a job remember, although a cool one bringing all these characters to life in such a way.

If you are playing the game in English, and most of you probably are if you are reading this then the likes of Courtney Lin who plays Lucy in ZZZ is an actor you may well have heard elsewhere.
With roles in 2014’s Smite, Pokemon Masters, and Return to Monkey Island (Dee) as well as playing Sakoora in Honkai Star Rail, alongside a host of anime TV shows, Courtney is just one to lend their talents to Zenless Zone Zero.

Suzy Yeung’s voice playing Piper Wheel may also be familiar from Honkai Star Rail, where she also voiced Hanya. She’s also appeared in Octopath Traveller 2 Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth and even Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth.

Our favorite bit of voiceover trivia for you though is that we bet you didn’t know that Giselle Fernandez who takes the role of Ellen Joe in ZZZ was also Princess Daisy in the monster hit on the Switch Super Mario Wonder from last year. Listen closely and you just might recognize her.

ZZZ English voice actors

Here is the pick of the English voice actors in Zenless Zone Zero:

Character Voice Actor
Belle Courtney Steele
Zhu Yuan Alana Wis
Ellen Joe Giselle Fernandez
Piper Wheel Suzie Yeung
Lucy Courtney Lin

ZZZ Japanese voice actors

Here are the Japanese voice actors in Zenless Zone Zero:

Character Voice Actor
Belle Sakaya Senbongi
Wise Atsushu Abe
Zhu Yuan Marina Inoue
Hoshimi Miyabi Ami Koshimizu
Soukaku Machico
Grace Howard Haruka Shiraishi
Ben Bigger Kenji Hamada
Anton Ivanov Shinichiro Kamio
Koleda Belobog Yuki Iguchi
Ellen Joe Shion Wakayama
Alexandrina Satomi Arai
Von Lycaon Chikahiro Kobayashi
Corin Wickes Hiromi Igarashi
Nekomiya Mana Sayuri Hara
Billy Kid Yu Hayashi
Nicole Demara Yu Serizawa
Anby Demara Atsumi Tanezaki
Soldier 11 Yukiyo Fujii
Piper Wheel Makaka Iwami
Lucy Ayaka Asai

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