June 15, 2024
XDefiant promo image of character with rifle

According to leaks, Ubisoft’s new first-person-shooter (FPS) XDefiant is set to get a host of new Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, and Rabbids content.

The leaks, originating from prominent leaker Rogue I Tx, have all but been taken down for media infringement but gave a good indication of the intellectual property being used.

XDefiant leaks confirm major IPs

Rogue TX’s leaks were datamined from game files, and the details have given fans of Ubisoft tiles a lot to get excited about. The factions rumored by the leaker include:

Rogue I Tx leaked the guns and game modes like Capture the Flag coming to the shooter. They included deployable barriers like barbed wire, remote-control cars, grenade launchers, and submachine guns…and Rabbids.

The leaker left fans hanging, saying, “Not Posting because I’m gonna share the biggest thing yet…. Be patient I’ll be silent till it’s the right time.”

The total weight of Ubisoft’s IP catalog will be in this player-versus-player arena shooter. This means Assasin’s Creed, Far Cry, and games like Ghost Recon will likely be used as purchasable cosmetics for Factions.

According to the XDefiant game page, Factions are “drawn from iconic Ubisoft worlds and represent distinct classes, each with unique abilities and Ultras. Choose any character from any faction to assemble your team of 6 players. Change your Faction at any point during play to adapt to your strategy.”

Ubisoft follows in the footsteps of other developers and publishers that own a broad range of IPS and are set to cash in on fans’ love for them.

Fortnite has been the leading light for making money from seasonal and exclusive content packs like Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the game’s collaboration with LEGO.

Marvel has also released Marvel Rivals, giving players access to the full list of copyrighted superheroes to cash in on.

As part of Sony’s State of Play, another 5v5 shooter was announced in Concord. We reported that the shooter’s Guardians of the Galaxy-like tone merged Overwatch’s strategy with the mechanics of Destiny.

So, the 2024 market will be full of shooters vying for gamers’ virtual currency, which includes skins, weapons, and seasonal packs. Still, we don’t know which will be the last standing regarding playability and quality.

Image: Ubisoft

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