May 23, 2024
WhatsApp update: Chat Lock coming across all devices

WhatsApp is set to introduce an expansion of its Chat Lock feature for full connectivity across all linked devices.

This enhancement will mean if you lock a chat on your mobile, it will stay that way on WhatsApp for web and Windows, breaking away from the current setup which treats non-mobile platforms as separate channels.

The information has been unearthed by WABetaInfo after it delved into the most recent Android beta.

In WhatsApp’s previous announcement in November, Secret Code was introduced as a way of enhancing the security and privacy of the Meta-owned messenger app. Soon, you will need the code to access chat logs across various linked devices, which can be made up of numbers, letters, special characters, or even emojis for an added touch of personalization.

This development can be described as an upgrade, given the extra assurance and security it brings.

WhatsApp becomes more secure as your chats can be instantly locked, if required, across different devices, whilst it saves the hassle of having to repeat actions, from smartphone to desktop.

Users will be eager to have this added feature at their disposal but it is not ready just yet. It is still under development with no imminent expectation for release but it shouldn’t be too long before it arrives on Android. There was no mention of iOS but it seems unlikely iPhones would be left behind.

Block and roll

WhatsApp has also added a handy tool for removing unwanted spam messages or phishing attempts, with the bonus of being able to do this directly from your phone’s lock screen.

Notifications will now be present with the Block option, in addition to Reply.

There was no official announcement of this useful feature, with Meta opting to release the information on the official WhatsApp Channel, leaving those on the outside, out of the loop.

Again, the block option will come to Android first, with the patch currently being rolled out. There has been no mention or indication of the tool coming to iOS at present, but more information should follow from Meta.

Featured image: Photo by Dimitri Karastelev on Unsplash 

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