June 15, 2024
Unistellar launches Kickstarter for smart binoculars to view the night sky

Unistellar, the maker of user-friendly smart telescopes, is launching a Kickstarter campaign to launch its Envision smart binoculars which you can use to view the night sky.

Unistellar started out with a Kickstarter campaign in 2017 for its AI-based eVScope telescope that allowed people to view the night sky even in an area of higher light pollution, like a city. It raised $2.2 million and went on to be a hit. Now the company is returning to the crowdfunding platform with a different kind of product.

The Envision smart binoculars integrate high-quality optics with augmented reality (AR) features, to overlay contextual information directly onto the natural field of view at the user’s command, and offer a personalized, intuitive and detailed experience in every situation, Unistellar said.

This integration enhances both night-time stargazing and adds meaning to daytime terrestrial observation. Users can explore the night sky like professional astronomers and navigate their earthly surroundings like experienced guides, th ecompany said.

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Connected to a smartphone via their companion app, Envision smart binoculars provide instant access to a comprehensive database of maps and contextual information. With their patented innovation – precision orientation and guiding technology using augmented reality – they create a seamless experience, ensuring precision and reliability in all conditions.

Key features of Envision smart binoculars

Envision offers four modes of use:

Smart scouting mode: It creates a 3D map that overlays on reality, to enrich your field of view, indicating landmarks, water sources, trails, and refuges, and points of interest during the day. At night, look up, and the binoculars will provide contextual information about what is interesting in your field of view.

Guided Navigation Mode: At night, the app suggests points of interest (stars, comets, starfields and more), to which the binoculars will then guide the users providing a tour among the stars of the hidden gems of the night sky. During the day, similar visual cues appear directly in the field of view, guiding the user towards sought-after points of interest and improving navigation in complex and unfamiliar terrain.

Shareable target-lock mode: Whether it’s a camouflaged lion during a safari, or a shining object in the night sky, you can lock the target you found in the field of view. You can then pass the binoculars to friends who will be precisely guided to the same target, for a synchronized viewing experience.

Classic optical mode: When it’s time to disconnect from technology, users can simply turn off the AR overlay, to enjoy a high-quality pair of classic optical binoculars.

User-friendly and versatile

Envision smart binoculars are designed for simplicity and ease of use, with intuitive controls and seamless integration with smartphones. The companion app provides a rich database of maps and contextual information, making it an indispensable tool for both amateur stargazers and outdoor enthusiasts.

“Continuing our endeavor to expand people’s exploration capabilities, we will now offer a convenient, versatile, and portable tool that will delight explorers, day and night,” said Laurent Marfisi, CEO of Unistellar, in a statement. “This is an exciting time at Unistellar, and for this second category-defining invention in the history of our brand, we will soon reach out to innovators and pioneers around the world through a crowdfunding campaign, as we did when we invented the eVscope, the world’s first truly smart telescope.”

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