June 15, 2024
Street Fighter 6 Akuma promotional image

CapcomUSA’s Twitch chat will be given a series of commands allowing the Street Fighter 6 community to control Akuma.

The new character unveiling will present a plethora of challenges when it comes to realizing the Twitch chat’s decisions on the imposing Akuma’s animations and move set. Capcom’s attempt to create an innovative launch event for the demonic character harks back to similar social media marketing stunts.

Twitch Plays Pokémon was the first major community-streamed event in 2014, but little has changed in the social platform’s polling or community voting sphere.

Street Fighter 6 community to control Akuma

For those who remember the Twitch Plays Pokemon event, getting a group of people to make decisions in a turn-based game was a chaotic nightmare. Simple things like going in the right direction or picking an item from the Trainer’s bag seemed impossibly tricky.

Even with a democratic voting poll in the Twitch Plays Pokemon chat, it took millions of players more than two weeks to complete the much-loved title.

Street Fighter 6 has a rapid and fluid combat system, so the translation of a Twitch chat’s muddled commands will make it exciting to watch. So, a few K.O.’s might be coming for the giant as the Twitch chat seeks to find some unified calls to string together a few moves.

Capcom is also hosting a series of interactive events to celebrate the launch of the martial arts master. From May 22 to the 31st, players can participate in the ‘Take Down The Giant Akuma’ event.

Even with a polling option, Akuma will most likely be rag-dolled, and it will be a bit of fun to see the move sets of opposing characters wipe the floor with the demon. Quite possibly, there might be a few collective blocks and punches, but the dynamic control system would suggest that Akuma will be on the canvas for most of the event.

The event, Twitch Plays Akuma, will launch on CapcomUSA’s Twitch channel at 4 pm PST today (05/22/24). The Japanese gaming powerhouse has also released a series of universal updates alongside the Akuma event schedule.

Image: Capcom.

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