June 15, 2024
Netflix reveals 14 new games, including Tales of the Shire

Netflix announced today that it is adding 14 new games to its platform in the next few months. These titles include a mix of original games based on Netflix’s own shows to classic PC games coming to mobile for the first time to brand new games. Some of the highlights include Don’t Starve Together, The Case of the Golden Idol and Weta Workshop’s upcoming cozy game Tales of the Shire. Some of the games on the list don’t have a release date but are listed as “coming soon.”

The new slate of games includes three new Netflix story games, all of which are visual novels following the plots of their respective shows: Relationship reality show Perfect Match (June 3), rom-com Emily in Paris and real estate office drama Selling Sunset. Netflix is also launching Too Hot to Handle 3 (July 23), a third season of the visual novel based on the show of the same name. Another addition is The Dragon Prince: Xadia, a co-op action RPG from Wonderstorm, which is also releasing the sixth season of The Dragon Prince show (July 30).

Other games on the list include existing games that are making their debut on mobile for the first time via Netflix’s platform. Three of them are from Klei, including their co-op title Don’t Starve Together, puzzler Lab Rat and multiplayer beat-em-up Rotwood — the latter is currently only available in early access on Steam. Color Gray Games’ The Case of the Golden Idol (June 11) is also coming to mobile via Netflix.

The rest of the titles on the list are a mix of various genres. There’s a mobile version of classic card game Hearts (June 18), the previously announced Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit (June 25) and the cute, animated RPG Arranger: A Role-Puzzling Adventure (summer 2024). Listed under “Coming Soon” are interactive sign language adventure game Harmonium: The Musical and Weta Workshop’s Tales of the Shire. The latter has a tentative release date for some time later this year from its publishers at Private Division.

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