May 23, 2024
Leaked images reveal disc-less Xbox Series X

Building on initial reports in February, leaked images of the supposed upcoming disc-less Xbox Series X  have surfaced.

eXputer has revealed exclusive leaked images of the new version of Microsoft’s console. It appears that the new drive-less Series X will be available in the same ‘robot white’ color that the Series S is currently available in.

Very few details are known at present but the lack of a disc drive means that the new version of the Series X will probably retail around $50 – $100 cheaper than the current version. As well as the removal of the disc drive and the color change, the new console will reportedly have an improved heatsink, but little to no other hardware changes.

An improved heatsink will provide a slight performance enhancement because cooler components run better, but nothing revealed so far suggests the gains will be enough to warrant replacing old consoles with new ones.

What about the previously leaked Xbox console refresh?

eXputer’s report suggests that the new disc-less Series X could launch in June or July (while acknowledging that this is changeable, as anything is with regards to leaks.

It is unclear at present how the new console affects a previously leaked refresh of the console. Revealed in documents related to FTC v. Microsoft last year, a project codenamed Brooklin suggested Microsoft was already planning to launch an “adorably all digital” Xbox Series X, but with much greater changes to the design than color.

The leaked design featured a cylindrical console with plans for updated technology, improved sustainability, and more internal storage alongside a new controller, which would ship for $499, the same price Series X consoles currently retail for.

The Verge obtained an internal email where Xbox CEO Phil Spencer addressed the leaks and suggested that part of the downside of leaks is how quickly things change in the company’s plans.

So don’t hold your breath about the new leak either – who knows what Microsoft will eventually release. All we can really say for sure is that they are continuing to work on the Xbox console series and may have some plans to release a new version of their flagship console.

The success of GamePass as a digital streaming platform and two leaks that show consoles with no drive for physical media do raise questions however, especially as Spencer has previously said in an interview with Game File that getting rid of physical media was not a strategic decision for Microsoft.

Featured image credit: eXputer

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