June 15, 2024
still hunt in destiny 2

As with other Destiny 2 expansions, The Final Shape brings a bunch of new Exotics, whether that be weapons or armor.

Still Hunt is a new Exotic that many are eager to get their hands on since it’s essentially a golden gun super but in sniper form.

Here, we’ll reveal exactly how to get Still Hunt in Destiny 2: The Final Shape you can get wielding the longest range golden gun known to man.

How to get Still Hunt in Destiny 2: The Final Shape

To get Still Hunt in Destiny 2, you’ll have to get some play time in because it can only be unlocked via completing the Wild Card Exotic quest.

While you might think that this is just a standard affair, picking up the Exotic quest from a vendor right out of the gate and getting the job done, you’ll instead have to complete The Final Shape campaign to even gain access to it.

This is because once you complete the campaign, you’ll be given the Destined Heroes Exotic quest for the Ergo Sum and you must at least make it past part one of this to continue toward the Still Hunt – completing the Queens, Part 1 Adventure.

After this, you can go seek out Cayde-6 and he will have the Wild Card Exotic quest ready for the picking. Now all you have to do is finish that up and Still Hunt will be yours.

Wild Card Exotic quest in Destiny 2

Thankfully, Wild Card is only a three stage process and most of the time spent is on a mission, which is great for those who just can’t wait to wield the unique power of this Exotic.

Weapons like Red Death Reformed are a much simpler process though so if collecting Exotics is your thing, maybe start somewhere like that and progress toward a more endgame gun like Still Hunt.

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