May 23, 2024
An AI-Generated image of a Fortnite player fixing a leak with a wrench

It should be no surprise that with Fortnite being as big as it is it seems to be the most ‘leaked-about’ games currently doing the rounds. Barely a week goes by without data miners fishing around in the code to tell everybody what skins and events are coming next.

The game, which has recently seen some players fall into V-Bucks debt continues to be one of the most popular games on the planet and leaks are now seen as par for the course.

Today’s Fortnite roadmap leak seems a little more than that however as potentially the game’s roadmap for the rest of 2024 has surfaced on the internet and highlights a number of things coming to the Battle Royale that are new news to most.

A post on Reddit shared an image that seems to be a screen grab from a screen showing a graphical calendar of what is upcoming.

It seems like a lot of effort to go to if it is made up, and obviously, there is no saying a) it is true or b) how old it is and whether things have changed or been cut but it does pull out a few interesting things, especially around Lego Fortnite and Fortnite Festival which would look to be getting some big things incoming.

Some of the general things that the fans are saying on Reddit range between people convinced the leak is real and others instantly dismissing it as fake. This is par for the course with Fortnite leaks but the fact this has not come from an established game leaker means treat it with caution.

We may get to see who the Fortnite Festival Headliners are this week so that could confirm this leak pretty quickly.

As ever with internet clout chasers posting this kind of information, assume it is false basically until it is not!

Some of the things the image suggests are still to come this year are:

  • Star Destroyer in LEGO Fortnite
  • Fortnite Festival with Billie Eilish, Metallica, and Snoop Dogg
  • Mad Max theme and Pirates of the Caribbean collaboration
  • Season with Doctor Doom thumbnail
  • Chapter 6

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