June 15, 2024
Dave the Diver and Godzilla poster showing Dave's fishing boat on the sea to the left and then Godzilla on the right

Godzilla has officially come to Dave the Diver but he won’t be sticking around for long, as the ancient reptilian beast will be gone from November 23. Players have before then to redeem it, then the expansion will be gone forever.

With the mighty monarch of monsters Godzilla celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, the collaboration with the indie game has been made possible from Thursday (May 23) and is completely free.

A notice has been added to the Steam page which reads: “Download will no longer be available after the distribution period. If already downloaded, the DLC can be played even after the distribution period ends.

“If downloaded during the distribution period, the DLC can still be deleted and reinstalled after the period ends.”

What is the Dave the Diver x Godzilla expansion?

It’s an unlikely duo but one that has been promised since January when Godzilla DLC was revealed through the PlayStation Blog. It’s brought with it three new themed missions for Dave the Diver players to sink their teeth into.

In the standard Dave the Diver game, the main character Dave is hired by a world-renowned sushi chef to help him stock his new restaurant full of weird and wonderful fish for his dishes.

This is where the player helps Dave to bring exotic seafood up to the table which can then be served as the orders come in.

The game collab has brought new dishes to serve, inspired by Godzilla and kaiji Ebirah and certain figurines to collect from the ocean.

The military organization from the Godzilla series, G-Force, is featured heavily in the game too as they are tasked with the mission of safeguarding humanity and upholding global peace. They follow Godzilla’s trail which takes them into the depths of the Blue Hole.

While Dave the Diver’s world was once more peaceful and calm than dangerous, Godzilla has brought a whole new feel to the game.

Featured Image: Via the PlayStation Blog

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